About Us

The Crèche Family

Crèche has an intake of children from over 30 nationalities! This means that the children are exposed to many different cultures from the onset, which later translates to respect and acceptance of people from different backgrounds. Culture differences are celebrated at the Crèche.

We provide top quality early childhood care, based on the early years foundation stages (EYFS) of the British Curiculum. Each child is approached individually and allowed to learn at their own pace. We do this in an excellent child-friendly environment and in a facility purposely built for children.

Our Curriculum

Crèche is run on the foundation stages of the British curriculum. We apply the Waldorf method in storytelling.

This combination provides an optimal learning environment for the children.
Our approach concentrates on the language, intellect, physical, social, emotional and spiritual development of the children. Catering for these areas in their development builds on the child’s self-esteem, fosters positive thinking, introduces good values from an early beginning and gives the child a sense of achievement.


  • Providing a safe, happy child-friendly facility that nurtures the wholesome growth of the child
  • Encouraging good virtues


To provide top quality child care and education, in an excellent child-friendly environment, at a reasonable cost, so as to produce young adults who make a positive impact on the society